The Company MMG  in order to increase its investment portfolio for 2017-2018 in the alternative energy sector, decided to build a 125 MW power plant in the Odessa region.

The solar battery is one of the generators of the so-called alternative types of energy that transform the solar electromagnetic. 

OUR Purpose

 Our Company leased 4 land plots with a total area of ​​140 hectares  for the construction of the first stations with a total capacity of 50 MWt.

-Land with an area of ​​45.0000ha.

(cadastral number -5124755500: 01: 001: 0787)

- Land with an area of ​​45.0000ha.

(cadastral number - 5124755500: 01: 001: 0788)

- Land with an area of ​​25.0000ha.

(cadastral number -5124755500: 01: 001: 0789)

- Land with an area of ​​25.0000ha.

(cadastral number -5124755500: 01: 001: 0790)


"Placement, construction, operation and maintenance of buildings and structures of facilities of power generating enterprises, institutions and organizations".      


With the right to lease for a land plot of 49 years.

 Address. Schevchenka 3, Chernomorsk City, Ukraine

Tel. +380 44 332-04-18




Марчук Максим Эдуардович