We Are  Financial Company "MMG" is a legal entity that,

according to the legislation, provides financial services that is entered in the register of financial institutions and obtained a license to provide a particular type of financial services in accordance with the procedure established by law (Law of Ukraine "On Financial Services and State Regulation of Financial Services" )

Financial company MMG provides services



for individuals and legal entities in the direction:

Advising on the purchase and sale of securities;

Brokerage services for bondholders;

Opening and servicing of accounts in PJSC "Settlement Center" for trading in bonds;

Opening and servicing of client accounts on Ukrainian stock exchanges ("Perspective", PFTS, UB)

Purchase and sale of government bonds, VAT bonds, corporate bonds;

Participation in primary auctions of the Ministry of Finance for the purchase of government bonds;

Bonds repurchase transactions against OVDP, VAT bonds, corporate bonds.

Foreign currency bonds of the domestic government loan (OVDP) are debt securities of the state issued by the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine and are denominated in foreign currency, mainly in US dollars. Currency OVDP is one of the most reliable investment instruments, which simultaneously insures devaluation risks and keeps interest income, often exceeding the interest rate on deposits.

The purchase of foreign currency OVDPs in the secondary market is an alternative to the dollar;

The purchase of currency T-bills in the primary market is an alternative to a currency deposit;

The interest rate is up to 5.4% per annum in US dollars, depending on the maturity of the bonds;

Payment of income and redemption of bonds is made in US dollars, euros;

The nominal value of 1 bond is 1000 US dollars;

High liquidity of foreign currency bonds allows you to sell and buy bonds in the secondary market at the right time;

Payment of coupon yield and repayment of currency government bonds are guaranteed by the government of Ukraine;

No special licenses and permits are required to purchase or sell foreign exchange bonds;

The currency received from the redemption of T-bills is not subject to compulsory sale.

Taxation of individuals:

NCU Section IV "Personal Income Tax". Starting from 01/01/2017, no tax is imposed on:

Income (investment income) from transactions with OVDP (subparagraph 165.1.52, paragraph 165.1, article 165);

Interest income (coupon) on T-bills (sub-item 165.1.2, paragraph 165.1, article 165)

NCU Section XX "Transitional provisions" (subsection 10 "Other transitional provisions", subparagraph 16.1.7, paragraph 16.1). The object of taxation with a military charge of 1.5% is:

Income (investment income) from transactions with OVDPs;

Interest income (coupon) on T-bills.



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